Sunday, January 18, 2009


From Sugar Beach I was heading in the direction or Cebu, which is another island in the area of the Philippines known as Visayas. I walked to the boat and crossed the water to get off the small island where Sugar Beach is and then worked out a deal with a tricycle driver to get to the bus stop to catch a bus headed in the direction of Dumaguete. Dumaguete is at the bottom of the island of Negros and there are boats to a number of different islands. It ended up that I had to change buses twice to reach Dumaguete. I sort of enjoyed the bus ride and took a number of pictures on the way. This is on of the pictures I took from the bus. It is just another rice field but I still find the field pretty after over a year of seeing them.

On arriving in Dumaguete I caught a tricycle from the bus station to a hotel that was in the guidebook. The hotel was full but the tricycle driver had waited outside and took me to another hotel for free which I found really nice but don’t know if he was getting a kick back from the hotel but it was a nice place and the price was not bad. The tricycles looked different than the tricycles that I had seen in other places in the Philippines. I don’t know if each area of the Philippines just has one company that produces tricycle sidecars but there really seem to vary from place to place. I like these sidecars because the roof was a lot higher and I was not always bashing my head on the roof when going down some of the horrible roads. Here is a picture of some of the tricycles in Dumaguete.

For some reason I sort of liked Dumaguete. I am not really sure why. Other than the road next to the water it is not really a pretty city but I ended up spending a few days here.

I spent one day in Dumaguete just playing a bit on the internet and looking for a hotel at my next stop. As I said earlier I was planning on going to Cebu next but there was a big holiday in Cebu and the guidebook said hotels might be fully booked. I was unable to find any hotel in Cebu so ended up changing my plans.

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