Thursday, October 23, 2008

Water palace and deserted beaches

I was riding the motorbike down the east coat of Bali when I rode right next to the water palace at Ujung. Here is a picture of what I saw.

The guidebook did not have anything good to saw about the water palace but I found it sort of nice but what I enjoyed the most is all the children running around. This seems to be a big destination for school groups. The children did not speak much English but seemed to really enjoy running up to me and saying something in English, getting a response, and then running away. It was really different but sort of fun.

After enjoying the children at the water palace I rode on down the southeast coast of the island The guidebook had talked about some of the beaches and at some point I saw a sign for a beach so turned off the main road and found a black sand beach. Other than trash on the beach it was beautiful. I was not wearing my swimming suit but since I did not see any one around I changed onto my swimming suit just standing on the beach and jumped into the surf. The water dropped really fast so the break was right on the edge of the beach. It was really nice taking a bit of a break from the motorbike and getting wet. Here is a picture of the beach.

I stopped at a couple of other beaches and then rode into the resort town of Sanur and decided it would be a good place for the night. I enjoyed the night in Sanur but it was the most touristy place that I had visited up to this point.

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