Friday, June 6, 2008

Golden Mount and Wat Ratchanaddaram

I have been feeling much better but am going a bit stir crazy so decided to walk to a couple of temples that are close to where I am staying. I walked past the Mahakan Fort on the way so stopped, read the sign and walked around the small fort. I could see Wat Sraket or the Golden Mount from the street prior to reaching the fort but was unable to see it after looking around the fort so was walking in the direction that I thought it was when someone asked me where I was going. I told him I was looking for Wat Sraket and he pointed me the direction of the Wat but then told me it was closed today because of a Buddhist holiday and I should go with him to a different temple. This was the second time in Bangkok that I have been lied to and told something was closed that was not. Both times I figured I would just go see for myself and both times the temple was open. Even though the guy lied to me about the temple being closed at least the directions he gave me where good. I found the temple and made my way up what seemed like a never-ending staircase to the pagoda at the top of the hill. This is a picture from a distance of the pagoda that I visited.

There was a good view from the pagoda and even though the pagoda was nothing special compared to all the pagodas I have seen the view made it worth the climb.

After making my way down the hill I walked past the Mahakan Fort again and went inside the temple that I walked past of the way to the golden mount. This is a picture of Wat Ratchanaddaram.

I climbed up the stairs of the white pagoda in the right of the picture and it is where I took the 1st picture in this entry of the golden mount. This pagoda was only about 4 stories high so not that bad to climb but did not have the good view that the other one had.

I was not that impressed with either of the temples or the fort but it was nice to get out and do a little bit of sight seeing.

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