Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bangkok, What a Pain in the Butt

The flight from Taipei to Bangkok was smooth and uneventful.

The rest of this entry may contain a lot more than you really want to know about me and my body. It made be better to just skip to the next entry after knowing I was sick in Bangkok and I am going to spend time in Bangkok recovering. If you want to read on do so at your own risk and to my embarrassment.

I was a bit constipated the last couple of days when I was in Taiwan and once back in Bangkok it just seemed to get worse and I developed a fever. I slept for a few days and did not seem to get better so went to a doctor. The doctor looked at me and put his finger in a place I don’t think it is suppose to go and after this he said I had an abscess in my butt. The abscess was causing both the constipation and the fever.

The doctor gave me some medicine and said if the abscess did not go away in about a week I would need to have it drained. After a few days it had not gone away and had in fact got much much worse. I headed back to the hospital to see the doctor again. On going through the process to see the doctor I decided that no one even looks at my paper work before talking to me. Everyone kept telling me to sit down. I had a really bad pain in my butt and the last thing I wanted to do was set down. I actually found it sort of funny by the time I got to the 4th or 5th person telling me to sit down and me refusing.

Once the doctor looked at me he said I would need to stay for an operation. I would need to spend at least 2 nights in the hospital. A few hours later I was in the operating room and as far as I know everything went well. I know for sure the pain was much better after the operation than before and this was the case even when the local wore off. I spent 2 nights in the hospital and then was able to leave. The doctor left the wound open to heal on its own and said it would take a couple of months. I decided I would just plan on taking it easy so once out of the hospital I book a room for a month and figured I would decide after the month if I was ready to travel again.

It has been some time since the operation and I am doing really good. I am still being lazy and watching a lot of the 2 English movie channels I have in my room. The only down side is I think I have now seen every movie they are going to show for the month.

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