Monday, March 31, 2008

Phanom Rung

I made my way from Phimai to Phanom Rung. The town that was about 12 from the Angkor temple. Phanom Rung was smaller than Phimai. The hotel is not really in town but about 2K on the opposite side of the town from the temple. I was hoping that I would be able to rent a motorbike here to get around but there did not seem to be any possibility to do this. I ask about getting to the temple and back and the offers that I was given seemed really high for Thailand and it was only 12K from town. I spent one day just walking to the temple and back. The temple sets at the top of a hill and everyone that tried to get me to pay to take me to the tops seemed stunned when I said I would walk.

The temple was very impressive as much for the location and the way it sets at the top of a hill with a long stairway leading up to it.

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