Thursday, September 27, 2007


The reason for going to Leshan is to see the worlds largest Buddha. It is carved in the face of a cliff on the other side of a river from the main part of Leshan. It’s a shame but with the pollution the way it is I couldn’t see the Buddha from the city. I did take a boat out to see it from the water and you can even notice the pollution in the photo from pretty close to the Buddha.

After the boat trip I caught a bus to the other side of the river and climbed up and down to see the Buddha up close. It really is huge and at 71 meters tall it is the largest Buddha in the world. The ear alone is suppose to be 7 meters long.

After visiting the big Buddha I walked over to the Wuyou Temple and then caught the bus back into the main part of town. Strange I was the only one on the bus for this ride but nice to have my own personal driver.

When walking around in Leshn the previous afternoon I noticed a lot of people walking around in bathing suits and they had floats strapped around their waist. For some time I did not know what this was all about until I noticed the people in the river. They would jump in the river and just let the current take they down river and then walk back up river. The current looked really swift so must have been a short ride.

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