Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lama Temple, Confucius Temple and Temple of Heaven

I spent the day visiting some different temples. I started at the Lama Temple and I would call it more of a temple complex with a number of temples and all of them with different Budas in them. The most impressive Buda is one that is supposedly from one piece of wood and is 25 meters from top to bottom but 8 meters of that is underground.

I visited the Confucius Temple second and there was a lot of work being done on this temple so I was not really impressed with this temple. They have do have large area of stone tablets with the 13 Confucius classics. Confucius says and you can insert what every saying you would like.

I went again to the Temple of Heaven Park prior to everything closing up and was able to walk around and visit the buildings. Outside one of the buildings is a whisper wall were if you stand at east end of the round wall and talk someone at the west end is suppose to be able to hear you. The place had a lot of people around it so I don’t think it worked but a group of people would stand at each end and shout and think it was working.

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