Thursday, May 10, 2007


May 7-10

I had planned to make a day trip out of Dubrovnik but the schedule did not work out. The trip I wanted was not going the days I left open so sort of had a day with nothing planned. I used this day by going to the Maritime Museum, the aquarium, the Franciscan Mostary and the Serbian Orthodox church which I had not yet seen. I walked up the stairs to the side gate for no reason and started counting steps but lost count at about 50 and this was about 1/2 way to the top. It is hard to breath and keep count when doing so many steps. After the steps I bought a couple of beer and found a nice park bench overlooking the sea and the Lovrjenac Fort behind me and just took it easy for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday the 8th of May I caught a bus to Kotor Montenegro. I found out quickly that going only a short distance left everyone speaking English behind. The bus was really nice but the guy taking tickets did not seem to be having a good day. He and another passenger seem to be having some type of disagreement. I heard raised voices and then they moved in front of me and the passenger saying "Me customer you must help me" the ticket guy "brokao out". I did not understand what broako was but out was clear as he did a hand jester to kick him out of the bus. The passenger said "You speak no english" and "F you" and ticket guy "F you". The passenger did not get out the bus and I had no idea what was going to happen.

Now it was time for the ladies speaking french and traveling with 2 children. The ticket guy was upset because there were no tickets for the children and the ladies kept saying they told us children were free and we have no money only credit cards. The bus pulled over and the ticket guy said "OUT NOW". The ladies said "NO" so we were just setting there until 2 guys paid for the children just so we could move and not set on a bus that was not moving for the whole day. The rest of the trip seemed to be calm with the one passenger being told to get out at each stop and leaving the bus for a couple of minutes and then back on. I never did understand what was going on there but he finally got out at the first stop in Montenegro for good.

I made it to Kotor with no problem and again on arriving at the bus station there was a little old lady renting a room. Even though we had no laguange in common we managed to find out the price and she took me to her house where I would stay for the next 2 days. We seemed to try and talk to each other each time we ran into one another but both of us came away frustrated. We wanted to communicate but it just was not really working but as far as I could tell she was a lovely lady. When I did ask if I could leave my bag in the room until my bus she either agree or I just did it when she told me no. She did not seem upset when I went and got it but maybe she was thinking finally I got rid of that fool.

Kotor is a walled city not as impressive as Dubrovnik but is still worth seeing. It sets at the end of a body of water. The stuff that I have read about Kotor and the body of water says it looks like a fjord and I agree, It reminded me of Norway.

Kotor also has a castle (St John, Illyrian fort) way above the town. After walking around the city it was time to see the castle. After all the stairs in Dubrovnik I was all prepared and ran up to the castle in 10 or 15 minutes. The thing about traveling alone I can lie and no one will really know the difference. I think at my first rest stop I took at least 10 to 15 minutes. I have no idea how long it took me to get up and down. Something I read said there are 1500 steps and the next day I think my legs felt every one. I did make it to the top and the view was great.

On the 9th I took a bus from Kotor to Bar. I know everyone that knows me will not be surprised that I went to a Bar. I went to Bar to see Stari Bar which is a few miles outside and above Bar. Stari Bar is a citadel that is in ruins and I was not impressed but I did enjoy the bus ride between Kotor and Bar. The Montenegro coast line is pretty and has a few interesting looking little towns. I just wish the windows of the buses were a little cleaner.

On the 10th I did a little bit of walking around Kotor until my bus left for Dubrovnik at 3PM. The buses don't seem to run when I want them to so I could not go on to my next stop. I am once again in Dubrovnik with my English/German speaking landlady.

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