Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Face-Fethiye, Turkey

I did not have internet access on Friday so am a bit late in posting this but decided to keep it as a Friday face and just post date it a couple of days. I have been going to some beach areas in Turkey hoping the weather will be warmer and for the most cases it has been really nice at least during the day. It is strange being in some of these beach resort cities in the off season where a lot of the hotels and restaurants are either closed for the season or just deserted.

Fethiye was a little bit deserted but also had people active with their day to day living like this fisherman repairing his nets. All the tourist boats along the dock were all empty but the fishermen went about their jobs as I assume they would on any other day. I wonder which they prefer the city packed with tourist or the peace of the off season.

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