Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Face-Pristina, Kosovo

Well the picture I have picked this week of a person is less for the face and more because of the hat. This is an egg shaped hat that is called a Qeleshe and the picture is from Pristina Kosovo. The is the only one I saw on my few days in Kosovo but since it is considered an Albanian hat maybe I encounter more in Albania if I ever make it there.


  1. Going to try 1 post instead of several. Lady on Oct 11 does not look happy but the wedding couple sure did. The little girl had friendly ducks. Think the quince fruit looks like a pear. I might have thought it was a pear. The egg hat is sure different. Do you see alot of them? Carolyn

    1. Thanks Carolyn for the comment. Most of the people at the protest did not really look that unhappy but maybe I just caught this lady at the wrong moment.

      The quince did look somewhat like a pear but a lot larger and not at all the same inside. I have not bought any more yet and don't see them for sale often. Bought a couple of Persimmons yesterday and one was wonderful and the other horrible. I need to learn to pick a good one.

      I have only seen the egg hat once. I am glad I got that picture.