Friday, August 2, 2013

Do you want a Kiss?

I have not asked any one this question in Bulgaria and I am glad I haven't. It may have got me into a lot of trouble.

I use a lot of gestures when traveling pointing at something I want and nod my head yes if they point at it. I write a name of a place down on a piece of paper in both the English and Cyrillic alphabet to try and help me get where I want to go but this has not been working for me in Bulgaria. I have just go around dazed and confused.

After a number of things just going wrong with my travels I recalled that there is one country where no means yes and yes means no. I asked myself was it Bulgaria?

One time I was asking about a bus to Rila with my piece of paper and the driver reading my paper and then nodding his head up and down. The the bus driver would not let me go past him and pointing for me to get out. There was also the beggar asking me for some money and I kept shaking my head left and right which was me obviously telling him no but he would not leave me alone. I think no means yes in Bulgaria.

I confirmed this later on the internet that nodding your head up and down in Bulgaria means NO and shaking your head left and right means YES.

I have to think now each time I ask someone a question or get asked a question how should I move my head.

Oh well the answer is always YES that pretty girl wants me to give her a kiss. If she moves her head from left to right she just must be from Bulgaria. You may see me soon on an episode of law and order special victims unit yelling "But She shook her head YES".


  1. You are funny. Try explaining to your girlfriend. Mom

    1. I think I would use a different example with my girlfriend. Don't think she would find this example funny but I enjoyed writing it this way.

      Thanks for all the comments.