Sunday, August 5, 2012

Skating around a palace in Postdam

I have been in Berlin for a long weekend about 10 years ago but when I had the chance to go to a work conference in Berlin I jumped at the chance. I booked a couple of days of vacation and spent a long weekend in Berlin prior to the conference.

I have found writing something about this trip really difficult. I have started a post a number of times just to delete it and start again. Everything I have attempted just sounded like a check list.

I spent one day in Postdam and really a single day is not enough time. It was a mistake trying to see everything in Postdam and I soon ran out of time, energy and sunshine. One of the things I enjoyed the most was sliding around the Orangery Palace (Orangerieschloss).

This was not the most impressive of the 3 palace I managed to make it through but it was the least crowed and the most fun. When you enter the palace they make you wear these cloth slippers over your shoes.

On enter the first room I saw a little boy sliding around the room with his slippers. I decided this look liked fun and with the marble floors it was the best way to get around. It was a bit of a mix between skating and cross country skiing moving around these rooms packed with art on the walls.

I visited the rooms of this palace without ending up on my butt but enjoyed the change in pace and was sorry to turn in my slippers after the final room.

I started the day in the Sanssouci Palace but enjoyed the gardens and the Bilder Gallery more then the palace itself.

The last site I saw in Postdam was the New Palace (Neues Palais) leaving as they were telling people it was time to leave. I exited to a down pour which made the wait for the bus back to the train station less then enjoyable.

Postdam has a lot to offer and maybe I will return someday and see some of the sites I missed. There are more Postdam pictures on my webpage if you are interested.

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