Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lost in Thonburi

I was down to my last couple of days of holiday in Thailand and was back in Bangkok staying in the Dao Khanong area of town. My girlfriend and her 2 sons where happy in the hotel watching cartoons and playing on the internet but I wanted to get out and look around. When I don't know where to go in Bangkok I always seem to head to Chinatown. I hopped on a bus to the cross river ferry to Chinatown but once there I decide to not walk through the center of Chinatown and took a left in the direction of the memorial bridge.

I enjoy walking and just sort of exploring. There always seems to be something interesting to see is Bangkok. I enjoyed watching these guys unloading this truck and the person below unloading a tuk tuk full of pineapples.

I walked past the bridge and decide to walk on down to the next cross river ferry. I walked through an area that seemed to be a market but did not see any prices and no one seemed to be shopping. I like my photo of all the different types of peppers.

The following photo is of Thonburi and is one of those photos where you take a number of pictures and then use your computer to stick them all together. I took these while on the cross river ferries with it bouncing up and down so am really surprised it turned out this well.

When trying to pay for the ferry they shook their heads no and point to a sign that was in English that said the ferry was a cross river ferry. I said Wat and pointed at the temple across the river and they took my 3 baht and let me get on the boat.

I don't really know where the Thonburi area of Bangkok starts and end. It seems to me that it is huge area that makes up the complete west side of the river. I got off at Wat Kalayanamitr and just sort of wonder around lost after that.

I stumbled across the Son Ton Mosque but was not sure it it was open to visitors so did not try and go in.

I went inside Wat Hong Rattanaram Ratchaworawihan.

I wondered on down some of these small lanes that look like this until I ran into a lady that did not seem to be happy to see me. I said hello in Thai and the place that I knew the name of and pointed in the direction that thought it was. She said something with a very angry face and pointed me back in the direction I had just came.

After some friendlier faces pointing me along my way and a long walk I found my way back to big traffic circle called Wong Wian Yai. I knew which bus would get me back to my hotel from here so had a bowl of noddle soup and hopped on another bus that got me to my home at least for a few days.

I don't have anything else interesting to post about my recent trip so as they say on US TV "we now return you to your regular schedule programming". My photo theme for this week will sort of tie together with my recent trip as the photo theme is Thai Food.

This is a photo from my recent trip of a couple of bowls of noodle soup.

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