Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last Day In Malta

Well my final day in Malta was mostly spent riding the scooter around the main island of Malta. After a short ride and returning to the main island from Gozo I was off in search of the Dingli Cliffs. I seemed to drive in circles for a while but finally I found the place. The problem is driving around on the top of the cliffs it seemed to me that I never got a good view of the cliffs. I think I saw these cliffs for a couple of seconds from the airplane when coming in to land on Malta that then they looked impressive you just need to see them from a distance and not on top of them. This is one of the pictures I did take.

After the disappointing view of the cliffs I headed to the Mdina which is another walled town. The Arab word medina pronounced the same as the Mdina means walled city. This was not my first visit to a medina but that was covered long ago in one of my first attempts at a travel blog in Morocco. I spent a while walking around the town and then headed back to my scooter. My next destination was the Blue Grotto. I think I made a few wrong turns and went over some of the worse roads I have ever been on but finally found my way there.

I went to Pretty Bay after the Blue Grotto and the guidebook describes Pretty Bay as not so pretty. It is true that the view of all the cranes for the container dock do take a lot away from the beauty of the bay. I still enjoyed Not so Pretty Bay, it had a really nice beach and was good place for my last big plate of Pasta while in Malta.

I rode back across the center of the island and found my way to my hotel and then returned my trusty steed of the past few days. It was an early night in bed and to the airport way to early in the morning. One sign it is too early in the morning is if the streets are full of people just leaving the bars. Malta made for a really enjoyable week with a good mix of interesting sites and sun and sand.

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