Friday, January 30, 2009

Cebu City

I caught a ferry from the island of Bohol to Cebu City on the island of Cebu. On the other ferries that I had taken in the Philippines the seas were rough or it had been raining but this time the sea was really smooth. I enjoyed sitting outside on this ferry ride and watching the islands go by. Here is a picture from the ferry of Bohol.

On the first full day in Cebu I decide to visit the Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino. There was a huge line at the entrance of the church so I got in line. After about a half hour I was in the church but the line just kept going. After about an hour I came around a coner in the church and saw the line went all the way around a court yard in the church. At this point I decided to just walk around the church and pass on seeing the image of child Jesus called Sto Nino Cebu which I assumed is what the line was for. I figured I have seen enough religious icons and nothing could be worth the wait of another hour and a half, which is what I guessed it would take to make it through the rest of the line. Here is a picture of the church from the outside.

I saw most of the tourist sites that where listed in my guidebook while I was in Cebu but spent most of my time just walking the streets of the city. I enjoyed the interaction with some children while visiting Fort San Pedro. They seemed really interested in me but I could not understand anything they said and of course they did not understand me. I took one picture of them and showed them and this started them posing for a number of pictures. Here is just one of them.

For the amount of time I was in Cebu I did not do a lot but was just sort of lazy and waited until the day that I had booked a flight out.

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