Thursday, October 2, 2008


From Pagudpud I made the long trip to Manila. I spent most of my time in Manila walking around seeing the sites and something more unusual for me shopping. I am not a shopper but I needed a guidebook for my next country. I had also lost my phone somewhere along the way and my watch was broken. I found a watch and a used phone, which I use mainly as an alarm clock, with out any problems. The guidebook turned out to be a problem and I went to a large number of bookstores before finally finding one.

I visited the old walled area of the Intramuros and when I had first entered this area a couple of boys ran over to me and called me Santa. I seem to get called a lot but for some reason this time I just said yes. The boys never seemed to understand why Santa did not speak their language but it did not stop them from following me around for the next 20 minutes and asking me questions at least I think question the whole time. Here is a picture of the 2 of them.

I liked these boys a lot better than a lot of the other children that I came across in the city. There were tons of children begging and 2 stuck their hands in my pockets. I just about wacked them. I felt more uncomfortable walking back to my hotel in Manila after dark than I have in a long time. Manila will not make my list of must see places and I was glad I only spent a few days there.

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