Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pualu Tioman

From Pekan I made my way down the coast via a couple of local busses to the town of Mersing. Mersing from a tourist point of view is really only a town where you want to catch the ferry to Pualu Tioman but I found a hotel that was a lot nicer than the one in Pekan and just relaxed. The following day I caught a ferry to Pualu Tioman.

The guidebook talks about Pualu Tioman as a duty free resort island that is very popular and well worth visiting. I sometimes wonder if the writers of these guidebooks have ever been to the places they write about. I was not impressed with Pualu Tioman at all. The place I stayed was expensive. The beach was really bad. I guess the beach was OK but once in the water it had all kinds of sharp rocks so made it really painful to walk to where it was deep enough to swim. I guess the island was pretty.

Pualu Tioman is duty-free so has cheaper beer than most of Malaysia but it was really only cheap during happy hour and they did not have any local beer so had to drink Carlsberg. When I say cheap it was still more expensive than in Thailand and did not have any beer in stores so you could only drink in a bar.

The only thing that I really enjoyed about the island was seeing a monitor lizard. I am now sure that is also what I saw in Pekan. This time I also chased the chicken lizard until I got a picture.

I had planned on staying 2 nights in Pualu Tioman but after one night I headed back to Mersing and spent the day doing laundry.

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