Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jungle Railroad

I caught the train for the interesting ride to the town of Kuala Lipis. The train runs down the center of Malaysian peninsula and has jungle on both sides of the tracks for a lot of the way. It was a enjoyable ride but a little bit long.

I did not do a lot in Kuala Lipis other than walk around the town and visit the Chinese temple in town. I also watched a bit of the Olympics. I got to watch the Malay man win the semifinal of mans singles badminton. He ended up losing in the finals but got a silver medal and Malaysia only medal. The Malaysia government is currently offering 1 million ringgits for any Malaysian person that wins a gold medal. I think he got 300,000 for the silver but not sure.

From Kuala Lipis I caught the train again for the short ride to Jerantut.

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