Monday, July 14, 2008

Vimanmek Palace

You would think for all the time I have spent in Bangkok I would have already seen every tourist site in the guidebook but due to me just being lazy this is not the case. I decided I would try and see one of the sites in my book that I had not visited so one day made the walk out to the area known as Dusit Park. The park has a number of things to see but the center piece is the Vimanmek Palace which was the residence of King Rama V. I had worn shorts so was not allowed to go in unless I covered my legs but since the pants they had were to small for me I got the pleasure of walking around in the palace in a rented skirt. I am no good at wrapping things around my waist so managed to loss my skirt a couple of time on the tour.

The tour through the palace was interesting but the group was a little bit large and the tour was a bit rushed. The palace itself is a really pretty place and is suppose to be World’s largest golden teak building. They did not allow you to take a camera into the building and had to leave it in a locker in a building in front of the building and I never found a good place to get a good picture of the building which was a bit disappointing.

I visited a number of the other building in the park including the exhibits of the photographs taken by the king, The Royal Elphant Museum and the Throne Hall. This is a picture of the Throne Hall.

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