Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shuangliou National Forest Recreation Area

Since I did not want to ride the southern cross island highway again I headed south to where the mountains that cover the island are not as high. I stopped one time on the coastal road to watch the waves crashing on the shore. At times during the ride along the coast I could feel the spray of the ocean as it smashed against the rocks from 5 to 15 meters below the road.

Shortly after turning west I saw a sign for Shuangliou National Forest Recreation Area and did not have plans for the day so figured I would see what was there. I paid the park fee and the guy I paid seemed to try and explain the trails to me and I decided I would take the shortest trail up to a waterfall. There were butterflies all over the place along the trial and I took what I think is my best picture of a butterfly while walking to the waterfall.

I enjoyed the walk up to the waterfall and I think the butterflies where as thick here as anywhere I went in Taiwan. Taiwan is really the land of the butterfly with butterflies everywhere. Here is the waterfall that I reached at the end of the trail.

After Shuangliou I made my way to Pingdong where I found a hotel and spent the night.

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