Monday, February 18, 2008


I forgot to put it in my last blog but on the road to Bangkok I bought and ate some grasshoppers and silk worms. Following is a picture of the cart that I bought them from and also a shot of the bugs. I liked the grasshoppers a lot better. The silk worms just seemed to be mushy and I preferred the crunch of the grasshoppers.

Bangkok is one huge city. I made the mistake of trusting a taxi driver to pick and take me to a hotel. I know better than this but it was a long bus ride and I was tired so ended up paying more than I should have for my hotel and also being in the north side of town a ways out of the center. So I ended up paying around 17 euros for my room instead of 13 oh well. I did learn how to use the sky train, the subway and somewhat the ferries. The bus system is still a mystery to me. The city also has different bus and train stations that service different parts of the country. I am not really sure how you are suppose to get from one to the other via public transport but think you are suppose to use the public busses which I can't figure out.

I made it into town the first night in Bangkok and walked a little bit around the royal palace area. It was good to figure out the public transport so I could make my way around the following days. The palace area is also really pretty lite up at night.

One of the things I really like about Thailand is rather stupid. This is that there are 7-11 stores all over the place. The reason I really like this is after months of travel the one thing I seem to really hate is haggling for things like a bottle of water. In the 7-11s the prices is clearly marked and there is no work involved in getting a bottle of water. Water seems to be the thing that I buy the most. This is closely followed by beer which I also don't have to haggle for in 7-11s.

Another thing I am enjoying about Thailand is the street or market food. There are places to buy food everywhere. You may not be able to walk down the sidewalk for all the street vendors but in the case of food sellers I think walking in the street is a fair trade. I still don't know how to order a lot of it but if I can see it I can usually buy it and the food is really good and pretty cheap.

During my time in Bangkok I only made a small dent on the sites that this city has to see. and spent a huge amount of time wandering around lost trying to figure out how to get from one place to another. This will not be my last time in Bangkok so more on this huge city on a later blog.

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