Sunday, October 28, 2007


I visited Hangzhou and was disappointed in the city. There is a commercial on the only English channel on Chinese television that says Hangzhou is the most beautiful city in China. Well just like a lot of China has been Hangzhou had a haze that makes the view really worthless. I could not see across the lake to see if it was pretty or not. I did walk all the way around the lake and took a couple pictures right before sunset.

The other down side of Hangzhou is that it is a really popular tourist city and I was there on the weekend so the city was really crowded with Chinese tourist.

When walking around the lake there was a place where people were playing music and singing. I have seen this a number of times in different cities in China. It is sort of a Karaoke in a public park. They will have some people playing different instruments and a microphone with speakers set up and then people take turns singing. The other strange thing is there were 3 or 4 of these setups about 3 meters from each other so it seemed to be a battle of different sounds.

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