Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Pingyao is a walled city from the Ming Dynasty and I spent a couple of days seeing the sights in the town and walking the wall. I think I enjoyed 3 of the temples and the city wall the most of the things I saw.

City Wall

Temple of the City God / Zhongkui / The God of Casting Ghost and Demons. I love that he seems to be stepping on a baby.

Taoist Temple

Shuanglin Temple

This last temple is about 6 kilometers out of town and I worked out a price with a motorcycle taxi driver to take me there and back. I think I enjoyed riding on the back of his bike almost as much as seeing the temple.

Once again in Pingyao I got ask if I would be in a picture with someone. I said yes and handed over my camera to also get a picture. They took a picture for both of us and since I seemed to be agreeable I ended up getting my picture taken one by one with about this whole Chinese tour group. I was told by the owner of the guest house that I stayed in that Pingyao also has a photo festival and there are so many people taking what I would call art type of photos. At one point I had picked a nice place to set and relax and read a little bit of my book and when I looked up I had 4 people with 35mm cameras taking my picture. Who knows I may be a part of the festival.

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