Friday, September 14, 2007

Hanging Monastery and Yungang Caves

I spent most of day on a train to reach Datong. Once in Datong I took a walk to find an ATM. I thought I was stared at in Beijing well that was nothing compared to Datong. I basically stopped traffic. I would see people go and get their friends or co-workers to come and stare at me. It is a really weird feeling to have everyone staring at me.

I took a English tour of the Hanging Monastery and the Yungang Caves. The Hanging Monastery is about a 2 hour drive from Datong and is a striking site on the side of a cliff. The area around it is also pretty but the pollution is really bad and you can‘t always see the landscape. I noticed when I arrived in Datong I could taste the air. The pollution seems really bad in China and almost all of my pictures from a little distance have a haze from it.

After walking around the Hanging Monastery and having lunch we went to the Yungang Caves. We were in the second cave when the sky opened up and down came the rain. The lights went off in the caves and everyone got soaked walking from one cave to the next. I decided after staying in one cave for about 15 minutes I did not want to waste all my time in one cave and it is only acid rain. I left the tour and walked around a number of the caves. It may have been the rain but I did not seem to find the caves as great as my guide book seems to say they are.

A picture where it looks like it is raining.


  1. So all this walking and not much talk of beer... Come on get to the good stuff :D

  2. So all this walking and not much talk of beer... Come on get to the good stuff :D

  3. Keith! Enjoying the blog but where are you now? I hear the weather's getting a bit fruity over there so wrap up warm and look into Ben's beer review request.