Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Held and Verzetsmuseum

Today I tried to take care of some admin stuff I need to do prior to leaving on my big trip but for the second day in a row I was unsuccessful. I will at some point have everything I need and get to the city hall early enough to complete my registration at a friends house. I need to stay registered so I can return to Holland after my big trip. I hope it does not take more than a couple of more train trips to Almere.

After returning from Almere I decided to stop in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). For the most part the Nieuwe Kerk is not used any longer as a church but is now used as a Museum with changing exhibitions. The current exhibition is called Hero (Held). I'm not sure why it is not plural? Helden (Heroes) sounds better to me. I found the exhibition interesting but did not know many of the heroes other than the recent sports figures. Following is an old picture I took when I went to the Istanbul exhibit in the Nieuwe Kerk.

After visiting the hero exhibit I decided to go to the Verzetsmeusem (Resistance Museum) which I have never visited. The museum covers the WWII time and mostly is about the Holland occupation by the Germans. I found the museum interesting but a few things struck me as strange. I guess my brain just works in a weird way. While in the museum there were a number of young Germans looking around and I found this sort of strange but since I am planning on visiting Vietnam when traveling am I really any different. At least the young Germans were not alive when Germany was in control of Holland.

The other thing that struck me was that they had a section on during the war everyone in Holland needed to register and carry their ID with them at all times. Has much changed since the war? I guess this just struck me because I had just being trying to change my own registration. Everyone in Holland is still suppose to be registered and carry their ID with them at all times. I think the big difference is today if you do not have your ID it is a 25 euro fine where in WWII I think you might have been shot.

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