Tuesday, July 24, 2007

North Holland to Friesland

I visited the Westfries Museum in Hoorn today. The Museum is in an old building on the main square in Hoorn. The museum is a collection of all kinds of different stuff from archeologie to a dollhouse. A lot of the musuem is about the history of Hoorn when it was a major port of the East Indias Trading Company.

Picture of the Hoorn's main square and the Westfries Museum

After visiting the Westfries Museum I rode to Enkhuizen. Enkhuizen is only about 20 kilometers north east of Hoorn. Today there was a strong south west wind coming over the Ijsselmeer so this short ride following along the coastline of the Ijsselmeer took me almost 1 1/2 hours. I did make it to Enkhuizen about a half hour before the ferry that I wanted to catch to Stavoren was leaving. When I left Hoorn I thought I would have time to visit a museum in Enkhuizen but during the ride I thought I might miss the ferry.

This map does not have Enkhuizen or Stavoren on it but I have drawn a line to try and show the route of the ferry.

The ferry was a fun ride. I set in the front of the boat and it was going up and down the whole way accross the Ijsselmeer. For a small body of water Ijsselmeer has some large waves.

I rode a little bit after the ferry. The wind on this side of the Ijsselmeer was lighter but there was a light drizzel durning the ride. I made it as far as a little town called Workum. I was tired and tired of getting wet. I thought I could not make it to the next town with a train station so I called it a day and caught the train back to Amsterdam.

On this map you may notice that each town has 2 names. One name is Dutch and the other is Fries.

A pictue of a strange looking church tower in Workum.

I may have to give up this riding between train stations and returning to Amsterdam. I caught the train in Workum at 8:11PM and got home about midnight. I spent more time on the train then on my bike.

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