Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zagreb, Amsterdam

The train from Zagreb was really enjoyable with great views. The train followed a river for a lot of the way so was able to see out the windows and at the fields, mountains and towns. I found the church steeples in Slovenia very unique from other countries at last as far as I can remember in other places. The steeples really standout with the green backgounds of the countryside.

St John the Babtist at Bohinj

I did not do alot on my last day in Zagreb before returning to Amsterdam. I went through one of the Museums and walked around the city.

It was with mixed feeling I caught the flight home. It had been a really fun month and sort of would have like to keep on traveling in the Balklands but was happy to be going to somewhere I could do laundry. Now that I am home in Amsterdam and am sure I will not be doing as much posting but will be updating this from time to time with whatever I happen to be doing until this fall when my big trip starts.

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