Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pazin and Pula

I figured after the busy city of Rijeka I wanted to visit somewhere with a slower pace so headed to Pazin. It is west of Rijeka about 30 or 40 kilometers. It is the first place since Zagreb that I visited that is not on the coast. The area around Pazin is rolling hill and all of it very green. I had planned to get a room and than make a day trip to the coast but had missed the last bus to one of the coastal cities so spent the rest of the day enjoying Pazin. I visited the St Nickolas church and was impressed with the black marble in the alters and it has a large steeple that is detached from the church. After I visited the church I walked up to the castle. The castle set above a large gorge.

Cliffs down to the gorge.

The castle is also a Museum and I walked through the exhibts having the museum/castle about all to my self.

The Pazin Castel

I ended the day setting in the town square. It was a really laid back sort of feel with children playing in the square and the adults standing around and talking to each other or setting outside at cafes.

I caught a bus a little bit later than I had planned the following day. I messed up on reading the bus schedule but I also think the one that was posted was not complete correct because there where buses that were listed that did not run and other ones that ran that were not listed. I made it to Pula. I wanted to visit Pula specifically to see the amphitheater and it was impressive. I have been to the Rome Colosseum and the amphitheater in Verona but this was the first amphitheater that I could go in the middle where the gladiators fought. The idea of this grabbed me and I pulled out my pen and ran around stabbing other gladiators and then ran around screaming like I was being eaten by a lion. I really didn't have the guts to do this but if I ever go back I have to have the beer prior to going in the amphitheater.

Amphitheater from the Citadel

I walked from the amphitheater up to the citadel and walked through the museum inside but the best part was the great view over the city. I visited a few more sites in the city including the temple of Augustus which I found an impressive building. After visiting most of the site in Pula I returned to Pazin.

Temple of Augustus

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