Sunday, June 3, 2012

Windmill Brewery Het Ij

I have decided to stay really close to home for this weeks photo theme. My theme for this week is Amsterdam Windmills. I usually save one of my favorite photos for the last of the week but this week I am going to start with my favorite Amsterdam Windmill. It is a really attractive Windmill but it is not the reason it is my favorite.

If you know the name of my blog is Beer For Me in dutch then it will be no surprise to anyone that I often partake in the pure enjoyment that a few beers provides. The Brouwerij Het Ij (Ij Brewery) is at the base of this windmill and is a sort of micro brewery and tasting house. If you ever make it to Amsterdam this is the closest windmill to the center or town and if that is not reason enough to visit stop by any day between 2PM and 8PM to sample some of the local culture of Amsterdam.

Be careful if you partake in these brews with the mascot of the ostrich and an egg because most of their brew are high on the percentage of alcohol.

The official name of the windmill is De Gooyer. Sorry the link is only in Dutch.

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