Friday, June 8, 2012

Rieker and Swan Windmills

One of my favorite short bike rides in Amsterdam is to ride along the Amstel River. I use to often ride down one side of the river until I reached Ouderkerk aan de Amstel where there is a bridge over the river. I usually cross over the river and return to Amsterdam going down the other side of the river. Along this ride I pass 2 windmills. The first is in Amsterdam and is the Rieker Windmill. This windmill is in the Rembrandt park but this is not the windmills original location but it was move to it's current location in 1961 from it's former site in Sloten.

The 2nd wind mill is not really in Amsterdam but is in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel which is a small town east of Amsterdam. This is The Swan and was built in 1638. I like seeing this windmill because I know that I am about halfway done with my ride and it is about time for a beer.

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