Monday, June 4, 2012

Gemeenschapsmolen, Broekzijder and Oostzijdse

Sticking with my theme of Amsterdam Windmills I hopped on my bike and pedaled out in the direction of Driemond. I knew there was a windmill close to Driemond which is a small village to the southeast of the center of Amsterdam but appears to still fall under the Amsterdam government. This is a picture of the Gemeenschapsmolen or Community Windmill which was my goal.

On my way I passed the remains of 2 other windmills. First the Molen van Portengen which was build in 1638 and lost it's top and wings in 1930. Blades maybe a better term but I put the word I did not know in a translator and wings came out so it sounded good to me.

The seconds windmill remains I passed was on Stammerdijk but I am not sure what the name of this windmill is or was.

Then I reach the one I was headed to with my camera the Gemeenschapsmolen. This windmill was built in 1708 and is like most of the windmills I have photos of that originally were used to pump water out to increase the land mass of the Netherlands.

I had the photo that I was after for my blog but I decided to ride via Abcoude a village due west of Amsterdam and pasted a couple more windmills. These two windmills are not officially in Amsterdam so fall out of my photo theme for the week but since I make the rules I can break them.

This is the Broekzijder Windmill from 1641. The following is the same windmill from a distance.

The second is the Oostzijdse Windmill from 1874.

After setting out to take a picture of one windmill I came home with pictures of 5 windmills including the 2 sexy topless ones.

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