Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chengdu At Night

My photo theme for this week will be China at night. I was so very much impressed with the time that I spent in China. I am always surprised when I read a blog that is negative on China. I know it is not the easiest place to travel but that is part of the fun for me and there are so many interesting things to see.

For the most part I did not see a lot of China at night. I usually kept really busy in the daylight hours and just passed out when the sun went down but I really like a few of the pictures that I did manage to take at night.

When I was in Chengdu one night I made it out to the water and light show and this is a photo from the square where the show takes place.

Honestly I was not very impressed with the show but I had a great time due to the people that were also out to see the show. These two children were thrilled to have their photos taken.

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