Sunday, April 1, 2012

Roman Areanas Week

The theme for my photos this week is Roman Arenas and will start it off with the big boy. This is a photo of coliseum in Rome. It is not my best picture but don’t seem to have a picture that captures the size and prestige of this site. I have been to Rome 3 times and don’t think I would get tired of seeing the Coliseum even if I lived in Rome for years.


  1. Keith, from what I remember of the Coliseum, whizzing by it in a tourist bus, was that it is gigantuous!

    Seeing Rome in only one day...I wouldn't recommend it.

    1. Wow Rome in one day you must have been whizzing by a lot of things. I do think for the Coliseum the best site of it is from the outside so you got it from its best side and it is huge.