Saturday, March 17, 2012

Union Jack

This picture is from June of 2006 when I was in Northern Ireland. It is not a really good picture of the Union Jack but I still like the picture. I took a bus tour through the areas with wall murals from both sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland. If you are interested in what the UVF is click on the link.

This is the last picture of my flag week but looking back on it should have been the Red, White and Blue flag week since all the flags this week have been made up of Red, White and Blue flags.


  1. Still think the first red, white, and blue flag you used is the prettiest. There are several red, white and blue flags shown on the vistor flag counter on the blog page. Of course don't know who they all belong to.


  2. Interesting that you pointed out the flags on the side bar. I sort of forgot about it. I had to look up the Taiwan and it is another Red White and Blue flag. Pretty bad forgetting the Taiwan flag when I enjoyed my visit to Taiwan so much.