Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flag week starts with the good old Red White and Blue

This is the first time I will have sort of a transition photo where a photo can be in either weeks photo theme. This weeks photo theme is flags and in this photo is the flag of the USA in front of the what I think is the most well-known US obelisk the Washington Monument.

This picture is from 2009 and was my first visit to the World War II memorial. That is not completely true I visited the site a few years before when it was under construction. It is surprising to me that memorials and monuments keep getting added to the national mall in Washington DC. The next time I visit the area I have a dream of visiting the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.


  1. Sure glad you started your flag pictures with the good old Red White and Blue. This picture could also have gone in the fountain picture week. Enjoy your pictures.


  2. I thought about using it with the fountain week of pictures but saved it to use on the Obelisk week but changed my mind. I seem to have problems finding 4 pictures I like for some weeks.