Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coptic Cairo Cemetery

This picture is from Cairo and visiting this part of Cairo was a eye opening experience for me. I think of Egypt on as a Muslim country and 11% of the population is Christian or Coptic.

I found the Islamic script written on the cross very interesting.


  1. Keith, when did you visit Egypt? What did you think of it from a tourist's point of view?

  2. I visited it back in December of 2005. I did it via a tour so it was a bit different than a lot of my travels where I prefer to be independent and I would love to return on an independent trip. My tour group consisted of 1 and this was not what I was expecting. At one point I had 2 guides and a driver all to myself. I found the sites amazing but found some of the pressure from people selling things overwhelming at times. Tourism was still down from the 2004 bombing of the Hilton hotel and am sure the lack of tourist hurt the vendors. I have thought about doing a blog entry on my trip but have never done it but it was an amazing trip and lots of stuff happened that I found really funny. I really recommend Egypt.

  3. I'd love to visit Egypt, although as a woman, I'm a bit hesitant to do so. Travellers I've met said they usually go in convoys of buses, with guides etc. as you described.

    PS. Where's your 'follow up comments' button? :(

  4. I would not let that put you off visiting Egypt. The only place I had the convoy thing was when I went from Aswan to Abu Simble. I think everything else I could have done on my own.

    I will have to try and figure out how to enable the reply button.