Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cemetery Photo Week Theme

Yea!! I have vacation later this week so may do a real post or 2 either while I am traveling or at least when I return. Now onto the photo theme for this week it will be the very positive cheerful theme of cemeteries.

I do things when I travel that I would never do in my normal day to day life. I never go to a cemetery to look around when I am at home but when I am traveling I find myself visiting burial places very interesting. I recall the first time I went to Germany and visited a cemetery and thought the plots were so small that the people must have been buried standing up.

This photo is of Rabat Morocco and the graves go almost as far as the eye can see. I was on a tour when I was in Morocco but this is somewhere I found when I just went on one of my walks in the evening after we were dropped at the hotel. Tours are great for seeing a lot in a short time but I really enjoy the discovery of places like this cemetery that are not a tourist attraction. My time in Morocco was really rewarding seeing the main tourist attraction in the day and then exploring on my own in the late afternoon and evenings. I found out I caused a bit concern from the guide when I mentioned where I had wondered one evening so just didn't talk .


  1. Where are you going?

    Cemetaries are curious places, if you not their for personal reasons. Some of the headstones/tombs? are so ornate and it's both interesting and sad, reading and speculating about those that now lay resting.

    Won't see me in one though, I'm being scattered out at sea, or having a fruit tree planted above me ;)

  2. *there*...can't stand spelling mistakes when they're mine!

  3. I don’t have any desire to be buried in a cemetery but if I did I should have a spelling mistake on my tombstone. It would be fitting with all the spelling errors and grammar mistakes I have made in my life.