Sunday, January 1, 2012

Photo's Photo's and more Photo's

I read a few travel blogs that post daily pictures or have photo Friday. I was thinking I could also do something like this. I am not a real photographer but I enjoy some of the pictures I have taken of my travels. Being a new year I have decided I will pick a weekly theme and post a few pictures with that theme in mind throughout the week. I think I will try and post 4 pictures a week and for anyone that has looked through all of my pictures on the web you will have already seem the majority of them.  

We will have to see how many weeks I can keep this up but for the first week we will start small or with baby steps. Steps that is a good topic so this will the theme will be stairs or another word for steps. The first place I thought of with steps is the Spanish Steps in Rome but don’t seem to have a picture of them but this is picture of steps leading up to the Pizaaz del Campidoglio in Rome. 

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